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ITACA combines multi-disciplinary expertise, hands-on experience, highly-analytical skills and an extensive network of experts that live, work and understand coastal areas in the Caribbean. We are focused in 3 key thematic areas critical to the Region’s resilience: Blue Economy, Food Security and Nature-based Solutions.

Blue Economy

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Development of

A community-based outgrower regime for a sea cucumber hatchery in Panama

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Support to

The Government of Jamaica in mainstreaming climate sensitivities of the aquaculture sector into sector strategies

Nature-based solutions

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Development and implementation of

Coastal environmental monitoring protocol in Puerto Lindo, Colón, Panamá

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Building a

Community-based integrated climate adaptation and disaster risk reduction strategy for Providence Island, Colombia

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Technical Assistance

For the Development of a Climate Risk Vulnerability Study in the Gulf of Montijo.

Food Security

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Agro-productive and fishing value chains on the islands of Providencia and Santa Catalina, Colombia