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Food Security

Food security is a growing concern in regions across the globe, particularly in the Caribbean.

But opportunity exists in finding solutions and creating value chains that benefit the region.

Investing in these opportunities can provide a strong foundation for future generations and improve lives across the region.

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Nature based solutions

Nature-based Solutions (NbS) have the potential to help Caribbean nations address climate change challenges while creating economic opportunities.

Taking advantage of this potential will unlock sources of revenue and resilience, with activities ranging from conservation tourism, to climate smart agriculture and sustainable seafood production.

Investing in NbS also presents a major opportunity for the region to stimulate climate compatible development pathways.

the blue economy

The blue economy

The blue economy offers an incredible opportunity in the Caribbean to diversify and promote economic prosperity.

It emphasizes the sustainable use of resources, responsible investments, and effective governance of coastal areas whilst recognizing that healthy ocean and coastal ecosystems are essential for promoting a resilient tourism industry, creating new jobs opportunities and increasing food security.