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ITACA is a technical assistance service provider committed to accelerating climate adaptation financing in the Caribbean. We connect project developers with diverse sources of funding through our growing portfolio of adaptation focused and climate-responsive projects, whilst developing capacities at the local level through an extensive network of local champions and capacity building.

By filling this form, you will be providing ITACA's team an opportunity to learn about your project and intended impact. Expressions of interest are accepted on a continuous basis, and you may submit interest forms for one or multiple projects at any time.

If your project topic aligns with ITACA's vision and areas or work, you will receive an invitation to introduce your project to ITACA’s team and explore together financial opportunities that align with the project phase you are in (e.g. grant, debt or equity), identify potential partnerships and discuss areas for further development.
From that point onwards, once your project has been accepted into the pipeline of ITACA's projects and investments, you may be requested additional information in order for ITACA’s team to match your project with potential sources of financing and help to strengthen your pitch in alignment to evaluation criteria of financial institutions

In exploring opportunities for funding and technical support with ITACA , your project or investment opportunity must:

- Clearly state climate change adaptation benefits
- Be located/implemented in the Caribbean Basin (including Central America and Colombia)
- Provide evidence of commercial and technical feasibility (this can include market assessments, cost-benefit analyses undertaken, feasibility studies) - Have a business plan and / or be at least at the pilot stage.


Participation in this survey is voluntary. The survey data will be kept confidential and made anonymous. This is not a job recruitment service and your participation in consultancy opportunities will depend on availability and background eligibility.

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